Sunday, November 11, 2012

Long Weekend!

Start of the mudflats at the marsh yesterday. I didn't bring my camera on our hike today, which turned out to be a great one! About 8 miles total. We got to a great beach where we were totally alone. No other footprints even, though there were some tracks left by elk. It's been getting colder here, but so far this weekend it's been nice for walking and hiking. And tomorrow is a holiday. I love three-day weekends.

I have been thinking about Tiff, Shane, and Caldon a lot though. I know it's been tough, but it seems like things are getting a bit better, and hopefully they will continue to... Still can't wait to see them in less than a week. And I'm really glad mom will be going out to Boston the day that Lorene has to leave. Lorene has been great, and I'm sure mom will be too! All I can do right now is send positive, loving thoughts their way...

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