Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying again

Well, I can't say I've been too successful with my blog lately....

Adam finished this model today that he'd been working on for awhile. Looks awesome!

This is our last month in Santa Cruz... We got a place in Arcata, which seems like it's going to be great!


Timmy said...

The picture with the two cats is great, love it !

man and van in London

Anthony said...

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RandomTechneats said...

Jayme!! It's katrina :]

I just started blogger-ing.. and I found you on Nelson's page! I'm still new.. so I'm not sure and still learning the ways of Blogger..

But poo you are moving further?? But it sounds grand regardless.. it must be very natureful up there in your future home. :)

How have you been besides your bloggy posts? haha

RandomTechneats said...

Doh! I didn't see that the date said 2011.. haha. But hooray for your teaching credential!! Are you teaching now? Is Arcata as naturey as it sounds? How are the kitties? So many questions! haha

I live in SF now.. and FINALLY out of SJSU. Wooo! But I'm kinda taking a break and dabbling for now. I'm still Facebookless, but I tumbl and g+ every now and then. And trying to start this blog.. aaannd that's my exciting life as of now. aww yeaa..

Hope you're having a blast over in Arcataaa!! <3 :]