Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Colorado

Celebrating dad's birthday early! Pretty nice looking cake if I do say so myself...

Pretty doggy cooling off.

Handsome doggy hanging out at mom's.

Green tornado hitting mom's yard.

Hiking Upper Columbine trail.
It was really nice to go to Colorado and see everyone! Plus, we were lucky enough to be there when there were thunderstorms every afternoon and it was super green and pretty. It was a needed vaction.
Now, I'm trying to get into a class at Cabrillo that would place me in an elementary classroom once or twice a week. Hopefully I'll know if I get in on Tuesday... I start another online class on Monday and I'm at Happy Days alot, which has been crazy... They accepted the max number of infants we can have for the fall and, in my opinion, it's way too many! But, we're managing, I guess. Adam starts school in just over a week.
Most importantly, it's nice to be back in Santa Cruz!


Jessica said...

is Tiff the "green tornado??" also, your mom looks fantastic!!

Crafty Lackey said...

yes, as is to be expected... and yes, she does look great! My mom is doing pretty amazing considering her injuries!