Sunday, April 18, 2010


So.... I actually missed a day of taking a picture for the first time (fell asleep super early after a long day). And, consequently, I've decided to stop taking a picture a day. Instead I'll just take pictures and post on here whenever I feel like it.

We got this awesome red desk at a thrift store. Despite the fact that it's bigger than the table that was in the kitchen, the room feels way more spacious, and we have way more counter space and storage. Plus, we now have a table and chairs in the living room. First meal at a table, instead of on the coffee table, was great. Even the living room feels more open the way it's set up now. weird. Really happy with it though. (and the two chairs we got from the Roberts. thanks!)

Some birds nest. Anyone know what kind?! It's in a backyard in San Jose.

A great weekend is ending, with a crappy loss by the Sharks. I think I'm actually a fan of a sports team for the first time in my life. It's fun!


Lucie Roberts said...

Tha bird's nest is pretty awesome. I like your new kitchen setup,too!

Nelson Wells said...

nice desk item found dun nah nah nuh. . . you want rebecca guay to sign the earthsea books? i'll bring 'em.