Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today is, in fact, the end of my year of taking a picture a day! I'm sort of amazed I actually finished it. I figured I should end the year with a picture reminiscent of the very first one.
I haven't decided if I will keep posting every day, or if I should just post good/interesting photos periodically.
This year definitely ended differently than I could have imagined, but in the end things seem to have changed for the best. I feel happier now than I have in a long time. Plus pumpkins always make me smile! :)


Shane said...

This may be a trick of the lighting, but from what I can tell, this jack-o-lantern is not perfectly symmetric. The creature appears to be missing a right upper tooth. Also, the lower left tooth may be slightly larger than the lower right tooth.

tt lou yoki said...

You should keep it going!


time-travelling lackey said...

Congratulations! w00t! And happy Birthday! 8)
Please keep posting.