Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of tea

I got my first jury duty summons today, but I'm going to be in Colorado when I'm supposed to go in, so I have to postpone it. Fun fun! And on a happier note, Sylvia gave me a whole bunch of succulents from their garden, so I'm going to try to grow some plants again! 


Patrick Justus said...

Speaking of Colorado, when are you going to be here? I'm back for a couple days and it's really nice and I'm excited for christmas with everyone!

Crafty Lackey said...

I get to CO on the 18th! What about you?

time-travelling lackey said...

You mean, you're really going to do jury duty? That's fun! But most people toss it, don't they? I mean, uh... lose it in the mail.